How much is a private Covid-19test?

December 27, 2021
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Edward Heywood
How much is a private Covid-19test?

More patients are choosing private Covid-19testing over publicly-funded products and services. Why? Because when you go private, you have a broader range of tests to choose from. You’re also guaranteed easy booking and fast results. 

But what can you expect to pay for a private Covid-19test?

How much is a private Covid-19test?

Private Covid-19tests cost between £65 and £350. The cost you pay depends on a number of different factors:

The type of test

Different types of private Covid-19tests come in at different price points.

A PCR test tells you if you’re currently infected with Covid-19. The PCR test is seen as the gold standard in testing, with an accuracy rate of 99.9% at Corona Test Centre. Some test clinics, like Corona Test Centre, can also provide Fit to Fly certificates with a negative PCR result. This comes at a slight additional cost.

Rapid antigen tests are also available in some centres. These “rapid” tests offer speed and ease at a lower price, but can be less reliable than other testing types.

Antibody tests tell you if you have already had the virus and developed antibodies. These tests are usually cheaper than a PCR test and cannot be used for international travel in most cases.

If you need a test result on the same day, you can also pay extra to expedite the process.

Where you take the test

Some clinics will post a test out to your home. This is less expensive than attending a clinic in person. But in doing the test yourself, you risk insufficient sample collection (and therefore inaccurate results). You also take responsibility for posting your samples to the lab — there’s only a certain number of post boxes you can use, and you need to time the test exactly right.

Because at-home Covid-19testing can be complicated, many patients choose to visit a private clinic. The clinic you choose will also affect your Covid-19test cost. 

Here are a couple of clinics and their private Covid-19test prices:


DocTap offers PCR tests for £134. Clients visit a DocTap clinic and perform the test themselves. Results are available within 70 hours.

The Private Harley Street Clinic

The Private Harley Street Clinic offers a range of different options. Their home test costs £149 plus delivery. A PCR test at the clinic costs £250, and it costs £350 for a home visit. Results are provided within 48 hours.

Corona Test Centre

Corona Test Centre offers antibody and antigen tests for £120. Results are provided the same day. PCR and Fit to Fly tests cost upwards of £160 and results are available within 24 to 48 hours. All tests are conducted by a trained medical professional.


A number of high street pharmacies offer private Covid-19testing. You can buy and complete a PCR antigen test at Boots for £120, with your results arriving within 48 hours. The test is conducted by a member of staff at the pharmacy.

Why pay for a private Covid-19test?

Is a private Covid-19test worth the money, when you can get tested for free on the NHS?

Many people would argue that it is, because:

You can get tested without symptoms

The NHS only offers testing for people currently displaying symptoms of coronavirus. If you don’t have any symptoms but want the peace of mind that comes with getting tested, a private Covid-19test is your best (or only) option.

Equally, if you manage a workplace and want to ensure that all members of staff are currently COVID-free, you can organise corporate testing for asymptomatic employees with the help of a private clinic, like Corona Test Centre.

You can choose from a broader range of tests

The NHS only offers PCR testing. You may have seen rapid testing mentioned on the news lately. But it’s still only available in areas of the country that have particularly bad infection rates.

When you choose a private clinic, there’s a greater selection of tests to choose from.

You can get a PCR test or a rapid antigen test. You can be tested for antibodies. And you can arrange a Fit to Fly certificate with a private clinic, too.  

It’s easy and efficient

There are usually lots of available appointments at private clinics. This means you can be tested quickly and at a time that suits you.

What’s more, the private test turnaround time is excellent. So you won’t be left waiting for your results.

How to book a private Covid-19test with Corona Test Centre

A private Covid-19test is well worth the investment if you want peace of mind or just a quick and easy test option. How much is a private Covid-19test at Corona Test Centre? Below are the four test formats we provide and the prices they start at.

All of our tests are performed by medical professionals, have high accuracy rates and are processed by UKAS accredited labs. And don’t forget, if you need your results the same day, all our tests can be same-day guaranteed or be expedited with some additional notice.

If you’d like to book an appointment at one of our convenient central London clinics, it’s a quick and easy process. Visit our online portal to select a date and time of your choosing. We’ll give you the speedy results you need, to get on with life as soon as possible.

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