Test your crew for COVID-19 and get back to filming

Accurate COVID-19 testing administered on-set so your TV or film production can continue. Nurse-administered or self testing kits from Reviews.io's best rated private clinics.

Virus & Antibody Testing
Find out if your team members have COVID-19 or if they've had it and developed an immune response. Tests administered by healthcare professionals.
Accurate Results
98% accurate IgM/IgG antibody testing.
100% positive agreement with PHE approved Abbott Architect IgG method.
up to 750 employees tested per day with same-day result certificates for antibody & antigen testing. PCR results available within 1 or 2 days.
Doctor follow-up consultations available

How to get tested for COVID-19

We've made it simple to get your team tested and back to work in 10 minutes.

Book a corporate test day

Complete the form below and we will contact you to confirm a suitable testing day same day.

Testing on set

We will set up at your set and can test up to 750 crew members per day.

Testing outside your office

Corona Test Centre can also come to your construction site, aged care home or any other business where you don’t have space for us and test from our mobile testing van.

"Without antibody testing we will not understand the spread of the virus and so feel safe about getting back to work. I believe that Corona Test Centre's Boditech iChroma device is the best point of care solution for organisations to use for mass staff testing."

Professor Karol Sikora

Chief Medical Officer, Rutherford Healthcare PLC


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