Whether you're travelling for business or leisure, here are the current PCR requirements and travel regulations you need to know to enjoy your trip to Pakistan.

Current rules and regulations for UK citizens travelling to Pakistan

The pandemic situation is changing all the time. And travel regulations are, too. Please check with The Foreign Office or the High Commission for Pakistan for the most up-to-date guidance before booking your trip.

Pakistan is currently open for international visitors, with a number of regulations:

  • UK citizens visiting Pakistan will need a tourist or business visa, as usual
  • Upon arrival, travellers will need to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result and share their contact information through the government's Pass Track App
  • Some visitors may be asked to fill in a health declaration form as well


Children under 12 and disabled passengers are exempt from the PCR test and the Pass Track App, but will have to sign the health declaration instead.

Which COVID test do I need to travel to Pakistan?

As with many other countries, you must prove that you are not currently infected with coronavirus before entering Pakistan.

COVID-19 PCR tests performed with the NHS are not valid for international travel. To get a Fit to Fly PCR test, you’ll need to visit a private testing centre, like the Corona Test Centre.


Furthermore, your PCR test must be administered no more than 96 hours before you expect to land in Pakistan to be valid for travel. All international visitors need to present the original test results, in either digital or physical format. So remember to pack your test results before you set off for the airport. 

Do I have to self-quarantine when I arrive in Pakistan?

The Government of Pakistan encourages all international visitors to self-isolate for 10 days after they enter the country.

In addition, UK visitors will be screened on arrival for signs of COVID-19, like a fever or cough. If you’re found to have one or more coronavirus symptoms, you will be asked to take an additional PCR test within 48 hours and share the results with the authorities. Those testing positive will have to self-isolate, according to Pakistan's guidelines.

What happens when I want to leave Pakistan?

When leaving Pakistan to fly back to the UK, you will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms again. If you exhibit symptoms, you will be checked a second time by a medical professional. 


If, after these screenings, Pakistani authorities suspect you have COVID-19, they can ask you to self-isolate in Pakistan for an additional 14 days before travelling.  

Do I have to self-quarantine upon returning to the UK from Pakistan?

Pakistan is not included on the UK's travel corridor list, so you will have to self-isolate for 14 days when you return.

All returning travellers are also required to fill in the passenger locator form before landing back in the UK. Violating self-isolation rules is a serious offence and the penalty fines can be hefty. Make sure to do your part in protecting your friends and family, and/or book another private COVID-19 test 5 days after you return home to shorten your isolation period.

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