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Over 2,000 tests completed in August at our London-based COVID-19 test centre.

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I Need To Fly

Tells you if you currently have the virus

Throat & nose swab sample taken

COVID-19 PCR test to detect viral RNA

Guaranteed results by email within 24-48 hours of arrival at the lab (6pm each day)

See why NHS tests are not suitable for fit to fly.

Have I Had the Virus?

Tells you if you had the virus and developed an immune response

Blood sample taken

COVID-19 antibody test to detect IgM & IgG antibodies

Guaranteed results by email at 9pm on the same day as you take your test

Do I Have the Virus?

Tells you if you currently have the virus

Nose swab sample taken

COVID-19 antigen test to detect viral surface proteins

Guaranteed results by email at 9pm on the same day as you take your test

How To Get Tested For COVID-19

The simplest and most accurate way to get tested this week

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Visit our testing centre in Fulham and get your sample taken by a healthcare professional
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Same Day Certificates

Your sample is analysed and you'll receive a secure verifiable certificate of your test results either same day or within 48 hours of receipt at the lab (6pm) for PCR tests
Doctor follow-up consultations available

"Without antibody testing we will not understand the spread of the virus and so feel safe about getting back to work. I believe that Corona Test Centre's Boditech iChroma device is the best point of care solution for organisations to use for mass staff testing."

Professor Karol Sikora

Chief Medical Officer, Rutherford Healthcare PLC

We Have Already Tested Over 6000 People.

For a test to be accurate it must be carried out in a clinical environment. Self-administered home tests can lead to a risk of sample contamination
Our clinic is run by healthcare professionals who are experienced in sampling and testing for COVID-19
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