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Accurate antibody testing administered by healthcare professionals. Results delivered by email on the same day

Over 2500 tests completed in June

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Antibody Testing
Find out if you've had the virus and developed an immune response at our COVID-19 test centre
Accurate & Reliable Results
98% accurate IgM/IgG antibody testing.
100% positive agreement with PHE approved Abbott Architect IgG method
Safe & Secure
Find out the stage of your recovery, help protect your loved ones and know when you can go back to work

How to get Tested for COVID-19

The simplest and most accurate way to get tested this week

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Visit our testing centre in Hammersmith and get your sample taken by a healthcare professional
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Same Day Certificates

Your sample is analysed and you'll receive a secure verifiable certificate of your test results by email at 9pm
Doctor follow-up consultations available

"Without antibody testing we will not understand the spread of the virus and so feel safe about getting back to work. I believe that Corona Test Centre's Boditech iChroma device is the best point of care solution for organisations to use for mass staff testing."

Professor Karol Sikora

Chief Medical Officer, Rutherford Healthcare PLC

What is an Antibody Test?

Antibody tests can tell you if you’ve had the virus and if you’ve developed an immune response
The test detects the presence of COVID-19 specific antibodies (IgM & IgG)
Best taken 14+ days after your first symptoms
The test is carried out using a blood sample

Why Come to Us?

For a test to be accurate it must be carried out in a clinical environment. Self-administered home tests can lead to a risk of sample contamination
Our clinic is run by healthcare professionals who are experienced in antibody blood test sampling
Our clinic is specifically designed for COVID-19 testing so it's a safe, low risk environment to get tested in

Peace of Mind.

Knowing your test results will help to make you feel safer going out into the world and getting back to work.

This is particularly important for asymptomatic people who may unknowingly spread COVID-19 to people they love in high risk groups.

Discounted Tests for All NHS Staff & Key Workers

We're committed to supporting our NHS staff and key workers. We aren’t government funded and are using our own funds to help our heroes on the frontline.

We hope our services and commitment will reduce the pressure put on the NHS as well as other public services in these difficult times.

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