Covid-19 Recovery Certificate for Travel

If you've tested positive for Covid-19 and recovered in the last 6 months, you're eligible for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate for Travel.

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What is a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Many countries now accept certificates confirming recent recovery from Covid-19 as sufficient evidence to enter. The recovery certificate replaces the need for a negative Covid-19 test (for example, an antigen or PCR test).

Are you eligible for a Covid-19 recovery certificate?

Tested positive in the last 6 months, but not in the last 7 days
No symptoms of Covid-19
Are over 5 years old

What you’ll need for your application

Your name, date of birth and date of your positive Covid-19 test
A PDF, screenshot or photo of your positive Covid-19 test certificate or NHS test result notification
Passport/ID number (if required by your destination)

Where Covid-19 Recovery Certificates for travel are currently accepted

Updated 13 / 06 / 2022
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
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*Please confirm the current entry requirements for your destination country before purchase.

When do you need your certificate by?

All certificates are issued during our working hours of 8am-8pm GMT Monday to Sunday

*Express Delivery

You'll receive your certificate within 3 hours.

Standard Delivery

You'll receive your certificate within 24 hours.
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What is a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

A Covid-19 Recovery Certificate, also known as Proof of Covid Recovery, a Covid Recovery Letter or Proof of Natural Immunity, confirms that you have recently had Covid-19 and have recovered so are likely to be protected against Coronavirus by your antibodies. 

It's most commonly used for entry to destinations that accept Covid-19 Recovery Certificates as an alternative to Fit to Fly Certificates, which show that you were unlikely to have Covid-19 on the date of your test. 

Covid-19 Recovery Certificates also enable travel for passengers who have recovered from Covid-19 but may continue to test positive for Coronavirus despite showing no symptoms.

You'll need to upload a positive Covid-19 test result and demonstrate that you've recovered from Covid-19 during the application process to be eligible for a Recovery Certificate. 

If your application is approved, you'll need to show your positive Covid-19 test result alongside your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate when you travel for entry to your destination.

How long is a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate valid for?

A Covid-19 Recovery Certificate is valid from 7 days after your positive Covid-19 test up to 180 days. Please remember to check the validity period of your chosen destination as these are subject to change. Some countries only accept Covid-19 Recovery Certificates if your positive Covid-19 test was within the last 30 days, although most accept them within the last 90 days.

Who can get a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

All adults and children (over 5) in the UK, regardless of vaccination status, who have evidence of a positive Covid-19 test result within the last 7-180 days and have fully recovered from Covid-19. Each application is individually reviewed for eligibility.

How long after my positive Covid-19 test can I apply for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

You can apply after 7 days have passed since your positive Covid-19 test, provided you have been free of symptoms for 48 hours. If you are still unwell after 7 days then it's unlikely you have recovered yet. For example, if you received a positive Covid-19 test on Monday, you will need to wait till the following Monday before applying for you Recovery Certificate. Your symptoms will be assessed during your application.

How fast can I get my Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

We offer 2 services for the delivery of your Covid-19 Recovery Certificate:

  • *Express Delivery: £89 - You'll receive your certificate within 3 hours.
  • Standard Delivery: £59 - You'll receive your certificate within 24 hours.

Your certificate will be emailed to you as a PDF within your chosen timeframe if your application is successful. Certificates are issued during working hours (between 8am GMT and 8pm GMT) Please note that if there is a query on your application i.e. a date may be incorrect or the evidence may not be sufficient this may lead to a delay in the issue of your certificate.

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What types of positive Covid-19 test results are accepted for Proof of Recovery?

This depends on what test types your destination accepts. Some countries only accept NAAT tests (e.g. PCR, TMA or LAMP), while others accept antigen lateral flow test results if an approved provider has verified them (e.g. they have produced a test result certificate for you).

Tests from an approved provider or laboratory should contain your name and the date of your positive Covid-19 test (within the last 7-180 days). These can be a PDF or a screenshot/photo of a UK NHS test result provided your name, and the date are visible.

Please note: we cannot accept screenshots/photos of positive Covid-19 test results from other national health providers. We can only accept PDFs from a laboratory with your full name and the date of your positive Covid-19 test result clearly displayed. We also cannot accept evidence of vaccination as proof that you have recovered from Covid-19.

What does my Covid-19 recovery certificate contain?

Please see an example of Covid-19 Recovery Certificate here. It also contains a QR code to validate its authenticity.

How can I send the evidence of my Covid-19 positive test to you?

You can upload the evidence of your positive Covid-19 test during the application process. PDFs can be uploaded as well as screenshots/photos of NHS test results.

For PDFs, screenshots and photos, the following must be displayed:

  • Your full name.
  • The date of your positive Covid-19 test.

You can find example positive test results here:

If you're uploading a screenshot/photo of a UK NHS email or text that contains your test results, you must display:

  • The screenshot must include the toolbar/browser at the top of the page of your device.
  • For websites: This must include the website address.
  • For apps: This must include everything on the screen.

Additionally, the screenshot/photo must display:

  • For email: This must include: to, from, subject and date fields.
  • For text messages: This must include the name/number of the sender.

Some countries will not accept NHS test result texts or emails for Covid-19 Recovery Certificates e.g. Austria. Please check your destination's entry requirements for exclusions.

Please note: We cannot accept photos of test cassettes such as antigen lateral flow tests because these cannot be verified. Vaccination certificates are also not accepted.

What if my evidence is rejected?

If you're deemed ineligible for a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate by our team, a full refund will be issued. If your application was submitted incorrectly, we'll work with you to rectify the issue and resubmit your application.

If there's any doubt over the validity of the evidence you provide, your application will be rejected. If there are signs of tampering with your positive Covid-19 test result, you will be banned from our service, and a refund will not be given.

How can I request a refund for my Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

If our team decides that a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate is not suitable for you based on the information you've provided us, we'll issue a full refund for your Recovery Certificate.

Please note: we won’t be held liable and are unable to refund you if you don't review the entry requirements for your travel destination or your particular airline policy before you travel and are subsequently refused entry. To avoid this, we recommend you check their requirements before purchasing a Covid-19 Recovery certificate.

Can I travel to Spain, Germany, France, Italy or other European countries with a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

We aim to produce certificates that are accepted for travel to the EU, however, we strongly advise all travellers to check the EU travel guidelines before purchasing as not all EU countries have the same entry rules. Across the EU, countries vary in validity of duration (varying between 30 and 180 days).

Can I use a home antigen lateral flow test as proof of my positive Covid-19 test?

Photos of antigen lateral flow tests cannot be accepted because the test results cannot be verified. Antigen lateral flow test results can be accepted from an approved provider or laboratory that has verified them, for example, antigen tests offered and validated by Corona Test Centre are accepted.

Can I travel to Australia with a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate?

Yes, if you have recovered from Covid-19 within the last 30 days before your scheduled flight. We strongly recommend all travellers check the requirements of all airlines and countries and add any additional information required when they complete the assessment form.

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