The Most Anticipated Destinations

December 27, 2021
Written by
Edward Heywood
The Most Anticipated Destinations

These are the World’s Most Anticipated Travel Destinations for Brits

Corona Test Centre analyses the top destinations around the world to reveal where the most anticipated holiday destinations of 2021

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the past year has seen the world faced with restrictions, which as a result, has left many of us longing for a holiday abroad. And with travel regulations still in the back of our minds, it can be difficult to decide on where we want to go first. But what locations abroad are we desperate to visit most?

Corona Test Centre has analysed which countries people in the UK are searching to visit most. In addition the analysis looks into additional metrics such as average cost of a hotel, Instagram hashtags, number of entertainment spots, cost of a beer and happiness, to find out the best value locations you can visit as well.

The top 10 countries Brits want to visit most are:

Renowned for its stunning tranquillity, the Maldives takes the crown as the most sought after destination to visit with a staggering 571,000 people searching for holidays and travel there in the last six months. In the last month alone, searches for holidays in the Maldives reached 60,500, which is over six times more than searches for holidays in Italy, Iceland, France, Portugal and South Africa.

The second most popular destination Brits are seeking to visit is Spain with 389,600 searches to go on holiday there in the last six months, followed by Greece with 380,700 searches in the last six months and Turkey with 332,300.

Spain ranks as the best value country to visit, as well as the most popular

Once again, Spain takes the number one spot as the best value country to visit. On the green list, the Balearic islands are a top destination for Brits this Summer. Boasting dazzling beaches and a huge range of activities, the islands like Ibiza and Mallorca are the hottest contenders on the Mediterranean wish list for 2021

It is safe to assume that having great prices for their services such as beer costing £2.15 per pint and hotels being only £52.36 per night is a contributing factor to it being the most anticipated destination to visit amongst Brits.

Having good value for money has a big impact on a tourist's choice of destinations, and as we come out of lockdown, this has never been more important with additional costs needed for testing, and other requirements.

Edward Heywood, at Corona Test Centre, comments:

Lockdown has prevented millions of people from going abroad and enjoying a holiday with friends and family. With tests a crucial part of keeping people at home and abroad safe while the vaccine program continues, it’s great to see which destinations are our favourites, with Spain unsurprisingly taking the top spot in Europe as the UK’s most popular holiday destinations.
With additional restrictions involved in going abroad this summer, it’s crucial for travellers and tourists to consider all elements of their trip to make it as relaxing an experience as possible. It’s also crucial that holidaymakers are regularly updating themselves with the latest COVID-restriction updates to ensure safe travel.



The most anticipated destination ranking provides a comprehensive assessment of the overall desirability and accessibility of travel to each country post Covid-19. This grade takes into account several key factors of a location, including the quantity of searches, number of tourists, Instagram hashtags, average hours of sunlight, number of entertainment spots, happiness rating, cost of a pint and average cost of a hotel.

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