What is corporate Covid-19testing?

December 27, 2021
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Edward Heywood
What is corporate Covid-19testing?

The UK’s vaccination programme has begun, bringing with it a chance to end social distancing measures for good. Until then, we can keep safe by wearing masks, by respecting the 2m rule, and by taking care of hand hygiene — especially when returning to work. 

Covid-19and the workplace

A coronavirus outbreak can bring business to a standstill. And in offices where social distancing is hard, or in jobs that require close mixing with others, the risk of transmission is higher. 

As of January 2021, a certain group of businesses can remain open and in operation: essential retail, banks and other services, TV and film sets, to name a few. But should one or more workers become ill with Covid-19, the cost to your business could be huge.

Corporate Covid-19testing is one way to ensure the safety of your staff — booking healthcare professionals to conduct coronavirus tests at your workplace. Corporate Covid-19testing avoids the spread of infection at your company; protecting the health of your employees and, therefore, the health of your business, too. 

For many organisations, ongoing corporate testing will play a business-critical role throughout 2021.

What does corporate Covid-19testing involve?

Corporate Covid-19testing involves the mass testing of team members and employees. This can happen on-site or inside your office space, as professional healthcare workers will come to you to conduct the testing. 

If you can’t spare the room, some clinics — like Corona Test Centre — will provide a mobile van outside. On-site testing makes the entire process not only more convenient, but safer for your company as well. 

A range of Covid-19testing for all team sizes

With Corona Test Centre, as many as 750 employees can be tested per day — the whole process is done and dusted quickly, even with the biggest of corporate teams.

Our corporate Covid-19testing involves virus and antibody testing, so you can find out if anyone working at your company has, or has had, Covid-19 before they enter the workplace. 

PCR and Antibody testing administered by healthcare professionals

In general, corporate Covid-19testing involves a PCR and/or an Antibody test. While the PCR identifies which employees currently have coronavirus, the Antibody test helps you understand whether an employee previously had the virus or not.

People who are infected should be asked to go home and self-isolate right away — reducing the risk to their co-workers. Those who have had Covid-19 in the past could have some level of immunity to the virus. Learn more about Covid-19antibodies and immunity, in our blog post here.

Unlike self-tests or at-home tests, corporate Covid-19tests are administered by trained healthcare professionals. Corona Test Centre’s corporate testing programme provides accurate and fast results (98% for IgM/IgG Antibody testing and as much as 99.9% for PCR).

No long waiting times

As the old adage says: time is money. 

Thanks to the quick results, you won’t have to wait long to identify potential Covid-19 infections within your staff members. Book corporate Antibody tests, and you’ll have the results the same day. The results of our PCR tests will be with you within 1-2 days. 

What are the benefits of corporate Covid-19testing?

While your employees and team members are at work, it is your legal responsibility to ensure their health and safety. Corporate Covid-19testing allows you to safeguard staff from Covid-19 exposure, helps protect your employees from the virus and can bring commercial benefits to your company as well. 

Ensure the health of your employees and clients

Thanks to corporate testing, you can quickly detect potential Covid-19 infections within your staff and can make accurate decisions about sick leave, self-isolation and support. 

A coronavirus outbreak in your office is bad enough, but you don’t want to pass the virus onto your clients as well. Corporate testing provides the peace of mind you need, for business as usual.

Avoid disruptions to business operations

Responsible employers know the risk of Covid-19. That’s why they turn to the experts to keep their staff and clients safe. 

When your teams are happy and healthy, you can expect fewer sick days too — leading to higher productivity and less wasted time. This allows you to avoid disruptions to your business and its overall operations.

Create a safe work environment

Company culture is essential for motivation, productivity and employee satisfaction. By booking corporate testing, you show your teams how much you care. It’s quick and easy to organise, but the message you give across is clear: we prioritise your health and want a safe work environment for you all.

What are your options for corporate Covid-19testing?

Several clinics offer corporate Covid-19testing and employers have a large variety of services and prices to choose from. Usually, professional healthcare workers will do the testing on-site and companies can choose between PCR or Antibody tests (or a combination of both). 

Depending on the type of test, results are usually available the same day or within 1-2 days. 


Citydoc provides three different tests as part of their corporate Covid-19testing programme: 

  • The Covid-19 PCR test
  • The Covid-19 Antibody test 
  • And the Rapid PoC Antigen test

PCR and rapid testing can be done by the employees themselves — it’s just a simple swab of the nose and throat, done either at home or while you’re at work. The results will be then analysed in a lab.

Tests: PCR, Rapid PoC Antigen Test, Antibody Test 

On-site testing possible: Yes.
Price: On-demand.

The Doctors Clinic

At The Doctors Clinic Group, you’ll find a combined testing programme of the PCR swab and Antibody test. By utilising both tests, your company will have the information you need to make well-informed team management decisions.

The Doctors Clinic provides on-site, in clinic as well as self-testing kits. The results are shared with both the company and the patient, with positive results reported to Public Health England. 

Tests: PCR, Antibody

On-site testing possible: Yes.
Price: On-demand.

Corona Test Centre

Both Antibody and PRC tests are available for businesses through Corona Test Centre. All testing is carried out on-site by professional healthcare workers. Results will be analysed and processed by UKAS accredited labs, and are available the same day for Antibody tests and 1-2 days later for PCR tests. 

With Corona Test Centre, corporate Covid-19testing is simple and quick: we can test up to 750 employees a day and it won’t take longer than 10 minutes per staff member. 

Tests: PCR, Antibody

On-site testing possible: Yes.

Price: Contact our medical team today for corporate Covid-19testing at your company.

Get started with your corporate Covid-19testing programme today.

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